A new project to develop

a small milk steriliser unit

based on a patent pending device

developing high voltage (>100kV) nanopulsed electric discharge in liquids,

to be used mainly by farmers

selling directly their fresh dairy products

through vending machines.



  • Milk sterilisation: bacteria are killed thanks to the very high voltage but nutrients and taste remain intact thanks to the unprecedented very short time of the impulse, which leaves no time for the temperature;
  • Small scale processing unit [< 0.5 m3] that can be integrated in vending equipment used by farmers selling their products (fresh milk, fresh ice cream, cheese etc.) directly to consumers;
  • Minimal energy consumption, i.e. 25 kJ/l: 20% reduction of energy requirements compared to SotA PEF methods, 75% reduction compared to pasteurisation;
  • Zero water consumption pasteurisation 0.3 lh20 / lmilk .



We have won some funding from  SME instrument phase1

to be ready to launch the product to market in 2018